HCG Diet and Injections

HCG Weight Loss Injection

We all want to lose weight, not only for aesthetic purposes but for the benefit of our health and wellbeing as well. Despite good intension though, losing weight can be an extremely difficult task. According to statistics one third of adults suffer from the big epidemic, that of being overweight. If you are finding it hard to lose those extra pounds, you may find the HCG Weight Loss injection helpful. It is a great way to eliminate stubborn fat and at Revive Med Spa in Murphy Texas, we may have the perfect weight loss solution* for you.

What is HCG and its benefits?

Human Chronic Gonadotropin, otherwise known as HCG, is a hormone that aids both men and women’s reproductive systems. HCG is what is produced when women are pregnant. Turns out that this natural occurring hormone resets your metabolism so that you may lose weight*. The HCG hormone is delivered via injections.

For HCG injections to work successfully it must be accompanied by a low-calorie diet of about 500 calories per day. This ensures that the excess fat is broken down at a faster rate*. Basically, HCG works towards making the body believe it is getting the calories it needs.

How does it work and what HCG plan do I follow?

At Revive Med Spa, one of our specialists will craft a plan that best suits your needs. You will be able to choose a plan that you are most comfortable with and most importantly one that caters to your specific requirements. The very low-calorie diet you should follow also will be catered to your needs but follows the below system on a broad level:

  • Phase one: Start your HCG injections and start eating plenty of high-fat and high-calorie foods for 2 days.
  • Phase two: This is the phase which promotes weight loss. You start eating only about 500 calories per day for the next 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Phase three: This is the phase necessary for maintaining your weight loss. The HCG injections are stopped. You gradually increase your food intake. However, you must avoid sugar and starch for the next 3 weeks as well.


Speak to a medical consultant at Revive Med Spa for a personal one-on-one consultation regarding our HCG weight loss injections and let us help you find a plan that best suits you.

*Individual results may vary. Any claims of permanence are not guaranteed.