Revanesse Fillers

Fine lines between our eyebrows happen when we frown or squint and are unfortunately unavoidable. The Revanesse filers we offer at Revive Med Spa help reduce those wrinkles, by preventing the muscle fibres from contracting. Revanesse products are biocompatible and biodegradable and are produced in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Canada.


Owing to its biocompatible and biodegradable composition, Revanesse filers break down naturally which means they provide lasting results that do not disappear overnight. Using a unique technology, Thixofix, this filler is easy to inject, easier to shape and feels natural. Most importantly, it looks natural.

How do they work?

The Revanesse fillers are free of animal products which reduces the risk of allergic reactions. The transition is slow and natural, so that you do not have to deal with any dramatic differences immediately. Our experienced technicians expertly inject the fillers as to ensure minimum reactions. With the Revanesse fillers you will not experience duck lips or trout pouts that look unnatural in a way that screams ‘fillers.’ Instead, you will enjoy a subtle and natural enhancement to your features, that make a difference but subtly.

As we age our skin loses some of its elasticity which is why wrinkles and fine lines form. Injectable or dermal fillers help even out these grooves giving you a youthful appearance. With just a 30-minute procedure you can enjoy smooth skin that lasts for about 4 months and sometimes even to about a year. Injectable fillers cost far less than a traditional facelift and unlike Botox that relaxes the muscle movement near wrinkle areas, these fill the crease or line for a more natural effect.


Speak to a medical consultant at Revive Med Spa for a personal one-on-one consultation regarding our injectable or dermal fillers and schedule a consultation. It is the right step towards enjoying smooth and younger looking skin for longer.