Venus ViVA

At Revive Spa in Murphy, we offer Radio Frequency (RF) Micro-needling 

RF Micro-needling with NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) applicator

Venus Viva NanoFractional Radio Frequency Applicator

A combination of Radio Frequency energy and micro-needling can rejuvenate your skin and improve the texture of your skin. Radio Frequency energy stimulates collagen regeneration which combined with the benefits of micro-needling can enhance the quality of your skin.

The process involves inserting microneedles into the skin, which are only a few millimeters apart and combining this with Radio Frequency energy for a few milliseconds. It is similar to micro-needling just with a thermal effect.

PRP Micro-Needling

Platelet Rich Plasma combined with micro-needling can leave your skin looking great. A combination of PRP and micro-needling can enhance the self-healing results stimulated in micro-needling. It boosts the growth factors which play a pivotal role in maintaining your skin elasticity and firmness

 Preparing PRP

PRP is obtained from a sample of patient's blood at the time of treatment. The blood sample is then spun around in a centrifuge for approximately 15 minutes which helps separate the plasma from the platelets. After micro-needling, the plasma is mixed with a fibrin mix, and this solution is injected or rubbed on the skin surface.

How many treatments are typically required?  

A single treatment of micro-needling is effective but based on your skin it can vary.

  • For aged and sun damaged skin, a series of 3-4 treatments every 4-6 weeks is recommended

  • For scars, stretch marks and skin tightening, a series of 5-8 treatments is recommended

It takes 4-6 weeks for your body to produce collagen so; you will only see improvement in the span of treatment and over time.

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